Hearing the words “You have cancer” changes your life forever. Instantly, patients and caregivers are thrown into a world full of the unknown as they fight for their lives. But even as this fight occurs, the outside world continues – bills need paid, groceries need bought and cars still need gas. The stress of a cancer diagnosis added to the stress of an already stretched budget can add so much on people who already have too much to worry about.

Firefly – A Spark of Hope was created to give cancer patients and their families some relief from the financial worries that they are facing. Firefly provides financial support for individuals who are battling cancer and need help with household expenses. These expenses can include, but are not limited to: rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, medical bills, prescription costs, medical equipment, travel expenses.

The mission of Firefly is to provide hope to cancer patients in Wood, Washington, and surrounding counties by easing their financial burden so they can focus on what really matters – winning their fight against cancer….